Wedding Day Tips

Things to Think About When Planning Your Day

You’ve got a lot spinning through your head right now. Here are a few of the most important tips we’ve learned to ensure your day comes off perfect and your pictures gorgeous!


Relieve yourself of stress as much as possible the day of the wedding! (easier said than done we know) The one thing that makes your photos stand out from all of the rest is if you are having fun and are relaxed! Remember you have spent countless hours planning but now it’s the day to enjoy and think about how excited you are to be marrying your other half! There are many things we can photoshop but being truly happy and living in the moment is not one of them! If you find that you are super overwhelmed, hiring a wedding planner is always well worth it!



We can’t stress enough how important this is! Make sure you leave enough time between the wedding and reception for all of the photos and locations you would like to travel to. Think about how long the ceremony will last, time it takes to do a receiving line (if you choose to), formal photos afterwards, and drive time to and from locations. You can typically plan on 20-30 minutes for a receiving line and 45 minutes for photos in the church. You will also want to allow 1½-2 hours for photos if at all possible for the two of you and wedding party. Fluffing in time is always your best bet.


Another key thing to keep in mind is how much daylight you have for photos. The sun sets earlier in the fall and winter months ranging anywhere from 4:30-6:00 pm. The best time to shoot is during the “Golden Hour” which is about an hour or so before sunset. We know this doesn’t always work out for schedules which is why we like to scout locations a week beforehand so we can make a choice on locations that are going to give you the most gorgeous light for your photos at the time we have allotted! Try to avoid photos outside mid-day if at all possible.



When getting your hair, make up, and dress on think about how much space you have in the room, how much natural light there is, and what will be in your background. Sometimes church basements or nurseries are an easy place to gather to do all of these things but may not be best for photos. Think about a spacious room with a decent amount of natural light and minimal clutter. Also, for photos of the wedding party and the two of you try not to choose locations that are “trendy” and could be considered looking dated in the future.


Comfort is just as important as style. Be mindful of the fact that you’ll be moving around throughout the day, so comfort is the utmost importance. For example, if you’re wearing a corset dress that hugs your body too tightly, 5″ heels that give you blisters, a strapless dress that keeps falling down, it will show throughout the day, as well as in your wedding photos.



Of course one of the most fun things about planning your day is making it your own! Any details that reflect you both as a couple make for great photo ops. We LOVE to capture each and every detail so make sure and bring your jewelry, invitation suite, your grandmother’s hanky, rings, dress with wooden or ornate hanger, program, anything monogrammed or sentimental from a loved one, etc. Bold jewelry, headpieces, pops of color, rainboots, converse, etc. make for interesting photos as well!


From sparklers, to glow sticks, to confetti guns, to a vintage get away car, we’ve had experience with most every kind. Please let us know if you are planning on a certain kind of exit and we can help figure out the best time and place to do so.



If you are having a wedding cake, dessert table, etc. think about the presentation and what will be in the background when you cut into it! Remember, restroom signs, dj booths, and other eyesores don’t make for the most flattering photos. Also, if there is a chance to have uplighting at your venue, we suggest adding it! It definitely gives the photos at your reception an extra level of awesomeness.


Trusting your photographer is such an important part of getting amazing wedding photos! It is crucial you feel at ease and trust our ability to capture your BIG day! It happens all the time, a bride after seeing her wedding photos says to us “I had no idea what you were thinking when you took that photo but now I get it and I LOVE that shot!” If we put you in front of an unusual background or pose you in a way that seems strange at the time, trust our vision! You chose us for a reason and we promise not to let you down! Whether rain, snow, tornado, flood (we’ve been through it all), we’ve got you covered. We have plenty of backup choices and always have a Plan A, B, and C!