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wedding photography team that loves their brides & grooms like family

As Sarah was growing up in rural Missouri, she and her mom, Marsha would go out exploring. For a family of photographers, the world was a rich place begging to be noticed. This ability to simply enjoy life and see the art all around was carried over into the White-Klump philosophy and shapes their photojournalistic style.

Of course, the other crucial aspect of being a great wedding photographer is loving people. Marsha actually moved from shooting nature to snapping portraits as a way to serve friends. Before long, she and Sarah were shooting weddings together and, as their experience and referrals grew, they realized they had a full time job. White Klump Photography was born. Almost ten years later, they still light up at the honor of joining their brides and grooms on the happiest day of their lives.

White Klump Photography Owner Sarah Klump

Meet Sarah

Sarah Klump is the daughter in the original dynamic duo. She's also the dreamer for whom "you can't do that" is more a suggestion than a hard-and-fast rule. After earning a specialist and doctorate in education administration, Sarah realized she needed to be out where the people were. Drawing on a lifetime hobby, she found photographing weddings with her mom to be the perfect fit. Almost ten years later, she still feels there's no place like a wedding - except maybe home with her boys, checking out new local eats with her mom, or training for her next 5K.

White Klump Photography Co-owner Marsha White

Meet Momma White

Marsha (aka "Momma White") is the details gal for White Klump. But balancing books and keeping things organized doesn't mean she's bookish or backward. As you'll quickly discover, Momma White is one of the most outgoing people you'll ever meet! A life of raising children, sewing, cooking, coaching, and expanding her photography skills has taught her that you can't let fear hold you back from trying new things and enjoying life. Talented as she is, Marsha's biggest love is still her grandbabies - followed closely by dessert (she's got a terrible sweet tooth!)

White Klump Photographer Michelle Schwartz

Meet Michelle

You know that friend who seems prepared for everything? You mutter how helpful some obscure tool would be and suddenly she's produced it out of thin air? That's Michelle Schwartz. She's kind of like MacGyver and Mary Poppins rolled into one! After graduating with a degree in architecture, Michelle realized life was better with a camera in hand. Putting her eye for beauty and keen sense of composition to work, she operated her own photography business for years before joining the White-Klump team. A huge animal lover, if Michelle's not cradling a camera, she's probably cuddling her cats, Iggy and Miss Callie, or volunteering for a local animal shelter.

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