The Wedding Experience

Let us help you picture what a day with White Klump will look like

Wedding photography is more than technique. It’s an experience.

It’s about being with family and being in the moment. It’s about catching the thousands of little things that will make your day unforgettable, whether it’s the tearful reflections before the father-of-the-bride walks his baby girl down the aisle or the energy of the dance floor at your reception.  It’s a roller coaster of emotions and we love it!

We’re All In

When you choose White Klump for your wedding, you get a talented and experienced team of photographers – but you get more. In a sense, we join the family. We don’t believe you can capture this day in a pose or contain it in a limited photoshoot block; so we are with you the whole wedding day, capturing every magical moment and doing whatever it takes to make your day perfect. (Marsha once found herself playing seamstress for the wedding party when a dress needed some last-minute stitching!)

Getting to Know You

The relational aspect of wedding photography is also why we view our time with you before the big day as so important. Our initial consultation, engagement session, and other pre-wedding interactions will (we hope!) help you feel comfortable entrusting us with such an important job. The more comfortable and confident you are in us, the more you will be able to relax and be yourself – and the organic joy of those moments is where beauty is found. We can photoshop many things, but fun is not one of them!


Your Engagement Session

Your engagement session also give us the chance to get to know you, to get a feel for your personalities and preferences. This is key because you don’t want your photos to look like everyone else’s. You want them to represent you. As you let us into your story, telling how you met, what you enjoy, and where he proposed, we get to see what makes your love and life together so special – and this plays into how we approach your wedding day.

Posing & Spontaneity

Of course, some structure and organization is necessary to ensure you have those heirloom photos – and we know how to make that happen without adding stress to your day. Our style, which we term “contemporary photo-storyteller,” capitalizes on the emotion and energy of candid moments while recognizing the importance of planning and preparation. What ties together both the posed and the impromptu shots is our conviction that great photos are just great moments caught on camera.